large marble tiles on the wall

Alice white marble

This white marble tile is white very white and clean looking. most marble effect tiles are not very white and even have yellow bits in thier marbles not giving a very nice look. This larger than normal,polished marble effect porcelain tile. Makes your bathroom look larger with the bonus of less tile joints.

  • size 30x60cm stock item
  • size 60x60cm stock item
  • size 45x90cm stock item
  • other sizes by special order
  • wall or floor
  • extreme white background
  • ideal with underfloor heating
  • gloss
  • porcelain .
  • polished
  • polished means it is glazed in an extra hard glaze ,then it is polished with diamond grinding machines to bring up a mirror finnish,with no imperfections.Like a piece of granite is polished.
  • minimal narrow grout lines
  • shiny white tile
  • Easy to clean
  • also available in matt
  • No sealants needed.
  • take look at the formats picture to understand how many times the print changes.( example in 30x60 size there are 45 different prints)