Floor Tiles That Look Like Wood-Porcelain or ceramic wood plank tiles .

Floor tiles that look like wood are becoming more popular than real wood flooring.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Dont fade in the sunlight
  • Hard wearing
  • Dont scuff and scratch like real wood
  • Unaffected by floods
  • Conduct heat very well - so work well with underfloor heating.
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Wood effect floor tiles.

Our hand picked wood effect ceramic tiles are so good they are very difficult to distinguish from floors made from natural wood.

Wood effect porcelain tiles for use with underfloor heating.

Why suffer the problems of installing underfloor heating only to cover it with natural - enginered wood flooring. Even worse LVT. The modern digital printing of porcelain tiles replicates all colours and styles of wood plank flooring ,whether herringbone style, parquet or large planks. At Tilemaze we have hand picked a selection of porcelain tiles that look like wood.They won't fade in the sunlight. Tiles transfer and hold the heat from the underfloor heating.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles V Porcelain wood effect tiles.

LVT comes in many styles and colours. It is reasonably hard wearing does not make the clip clop sound when you walk over it as a laminate floor does.

LVT can fade in the sunlight - porcelain tiles do not .

LVT can be waterproof but care will be needed to prevent water seeping through the joint cracks as dampness underneath vinyl could cause them to lift - Tiles are waterproof and can even be used underwater.

LVT does not like heat and can peel up, so not suitable for conservatories or underfloor heating - Porcelain likes heat - it absorbs it and transfers underfloor heating well.

LVT can stain by spills of food and drink. To avoid discoloration and permanent stains ,clean your spills straight away - most porcelain tiles are unaffected by spills etc.

LVT No good over a heated screed