wavy edge tiles

Renaissance grey

Premium Italian porcelain . Giving a multi size french limestone effect but no need for sealants. Easy to clean. Gives a farmhouse style old stone look .

  • Sizes
  • 32x49 cm
  • 32x32 cm
  • 49x49 cm
  • Wavy edge
  • Limestone effect
  • Light colour tiles
  • Ideal with underfloor heating
  • porcelain tiles
  • suitable for walls and floors
  • indoors or outdoors
  • Hard wearing
  • slip resistant R9
  • Also available R11
  • does not fade
  • unaffected by mud water or spills
  • do not buckle
  • Smooth texture
  • no sealing required
  • Approx 1.95 of each size tile per sq metre for the mixed pattern