no sealants needed

Omega Titanium Amazing honed slate Lookalike.

Premium Italian porcelain . Giving a multi size honed slate effect but no need for sealants. Easy to clean. Classic honed slate effect smooth to the touch. Only 10 mm thick so much easier to fit the large size compared to real stone which would be 20 to 30 mm thick or more. So just imagine the weight saving for your fitters, Let alone the cutting problems of the real stone. And no sealing, waxing to do. Looks just like the real thing with the tiles varying in colour from tile to tile. Even better omega titanium by Tilemaze has subtle metalic veins in its surface just giving it that little extra.

  • Straight edge
  • metallic effect on the surface
  • Honed slate effect
  • Green honed welsh slate colour tiles
  • Ideal with underfloor heating
  • porcelain tiles
  • suitable for walls and floors
  • indoors or outdoors
  • Hard wearing
  • slip resistant
  • does not fade
  • unaffected by mud water or spills
  • Do not stain
  • do not buckle
  • Smooth texture
  • no sealing required
  • Looks nice in a mix of all sizes
  • The big size alone makes rooms look bigger
  • Also in Grey and Ivory colour.
  • The different sizes can be purchased individually
  • It is not recomended to bond long tiles more than 20 % of its length. And it looks best if the bond is varied too
  • For best results we recomend the use of tile levelling spacers
  • Large size tiles will need the adhesive to be buttered onto the back of the tiles as well as putting adhesive on the floor or wall.