porcelain parquet tiles

Sorrento Nero

A stunning example of a grey limestone effect tile. Premium tiles Made in Italy. This is an example of the extra ingredients and thaught they put into thier tiles. The Italians only think about the end product and how it will look. When others only think about how much it will cost.

  • Sizes

  • 100x100 cm

  • 80x80 cm

  • 40x80 cm

  • 60x60 cm

  • Stone effect

  • grey colour tiles

  • Ideal with underfloor heating

  • porcelain tiles

  • matt

  • suitable for walls and floors

  • indoors or outdoors

  • Hard wearing

  • slip resistant R10

  • does not fade

  • unaffected by mud water or spills

  • do not buckle

  • very natural timeless effect

  • no sealing required

  • Makes a nice modular pattern

Use as exterior patio tiles for that inside - outside look.

Just draw back your bi-fold doors and now your patio is tiled in a non slip but yet the same tile. Making your inside space look bigger.