provence limestone effect

Paris light grey

Designer rustic limestone effect tiles.The floors of the ancient Provencale farmhouses have inspired these lines, which reinterprets them by making the graphics and colours more sophisticated and by lending this stone a "lived" and elegant effect, suitable for every environment: classic and modern.The graphic effects mix the character, the harmony and the different shades like the original stones, without exceeding in shading.The Metal Chic decorations embellish the background with metallic geometrics. Moreover, the mosaics represent the personalisation of this project with a touch of hand-made.

  • Size 60x30cm .

  • Italian

  • matt

  • porcelain.

  • frost resistant

  • MHOS 7

  • PIE 5

  • R10 antislip

  • provence limestone effect

  • nice feature wall decor tile as shown

  • looks nice with silver grey grouting

  • 8.5 mm thick

  • suitable for walls and floors

  • heavy traffic areas

  • No sealants needed.

  • It has both a natural surface for internal use on floors and walls and also a soft surface, easy to clean and perfect for public environments (R10).

  • 68 Different faces in 30x60 size.

  • 34 different faces in 60x60 size.