Premium Italian porcelain parquet floor in chevron pattern .With 96 different surface patterns , it looks like an old worn wooden floor with many layers of polish giving that pattina effect.Can also be layed in herringbone pattern with the square ended one shown around the edge.

  • Size 1 7.5x40.7 cm
  • Size 2 7.5x45 cm
  • Wood effect
  • Beige oak colour tiles
  • Ideal with underfloor heating
  • porcelain tiles
  • suitable for walls and floors
  • indoors or outdoors
  • Hard wearing
  • slip resistant R9
  • does not fade
  • unaffected by mud water or spills
  • do not buckle
  • good wood grain texture
  • no sealing required
  • 31.7 tiles per approx square metre size 1
  • 28.88 tiles per mtr in size 2
  • 96 different surface patterns